Well, in short, I am a photographer. I love what I do. I am passionate about what I do.
Being creative in life is as important to me as breathing.

I have a fancy piece of paper which says I have completed a degree in visual journalism. This has since lent itself to my personal style of photography. While traditional posed photography has its time and place, I prefer a more contemporary photojournalistic style when I shoot.

I work at a professional print lab. So I put a very high value on PRINTS. Oh, the lost love of prints. Get prints made of your pictures!! Put them in albums! Frame and mat them on the wall. Just do something other than letting them sit on your hard drive or facebook. Pictures, everybody's pictures, are better than that.

I photograph weddings and events. I shoot senior, child, family and business portraiture. I'm just as happy shooting a wedding as I am shooting a live band downtown. I'm into travel photography, lifestyle photography, fashion photography... you name it, I'll try it. I've dabbled with action sports photography, but I prefer shooting the buttons for little league and midget football.

Photography has become my creative outlet. I love telling a story with my pictures. I love seeing something genuine, capturing that emotion, and freezing it. Just for a moment in time. But these pictures I take, they are going to last a life time. And that is what makes me try my best. Do something different and try something unique. Make something special for someone to share, until the end of time.